Cual Bicicleta (Honduras)

Cual Bicicleta (Honduras)

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Oscar Omar Alonzo is a “hands-on” farmer and a legend in the world of Honduran micro lots. His farm, Finca Cual Bicicleta, “which bicycle,” takes its name from the concept that when bicycling, you must keep pedaling and not look back. Oscar has certainly done that through both the good times and the bad. 100% organic and 100% creative, he’s always striving to improve his coffee. For example, he discovered that coconut husks retain moisture, so he collects discarded husks and buries them with his coffee trees to provide moisture during dry seasons and increasing plant available nutrients. 

Oscar’s enthusiasm, innovation, and dedication in growing high-quality coffee through organic, sustainable methods show in his micro lots. Oscar prepared an exclusive lot called family reserve for De La Finca Coffee Importers which is the first time that he’s gotten the opportunity to work with his entire family to put together a lot to be sold directly to roasters.

ORIGIN : Chinacla, Marcala, Honduras
PRODUCER : Oscar Omar Alonzo
VARIETY : Bourbon, Lempira
PROCESS : Washed
CERTIFICATIONS : Organic, Direct Trade, Bio Latina
HARVEST : December-March
NOTES : Tropical fruit and caramel with bright acidity, ideal for light and medium roasts

Read more about Oscar Omar and Finca Cual Bicicleta here.

Crop year: ‘17-’18

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