Finca Santa Lucia


Finca Santa Lucia is tucked away in the little village of Tres Pinos, over two and half hours away from the nearest city, Comayagua, Honduras. Raul Rodriguez, a third-generation coffee producer, owns and operates the farm and lives there happily with his wife and three dogs. Rodriguez inherited this farm from his father, Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez—one of the biggest coffee innovators of his time. Having a vision for specialty coffee, his father introduced the world to exotic varietals such as Yellow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra. 

Perfectly planted in Montana de La Choca, a national mountain reserve, Finca Santa Lucia is surrounded by a cloud forest full of exotic wildlife. The well-defined seasons in this region contribute to the high quality of specialty coffees. The rainy season results in beautiful cherries, and the clear, dry season allows the producers to sun-dry their coffee once it is washed. The high altitude, richness of the clay, soil, and warmth of the sun ensure that the integrity and quality of the beans are preserved from beginning to end. 

As a coffee producer, Raul Rodgriguez is always pushing for better quality coffee and better quality of life for his workers. In the highest altitudes of his land, you will see him farming new coffee varietals, Ovata and Pacamara. His new farm, Santa Lucia Reserve, is certified organic and a habitat for many birds, including his favorite—the Toucan. 

This farm employs around 75 pickers during coffee harvest season and 15 permanent workers that live on the farm with their families. As a socially conscious coffee producer, Raul pays his workers the highest salaries in the region. This year, he will donate part of his profits from all of his direct sales to help rebuild the local school that is in dire need of a kitchen and electricity. Raul Rodriguez is excited to sell directly to roasters in Canada and the United States who share his same passion for coffee, family, and society.

O R I G I N : Tres Pinos, Comayagua, Honduras

P R O D U C E R : Raul Rodriguez

V A R I E T Y : Lempira, Bourbon, Pacas, IHcafe 90

P R O C E S S : Washed

E L E V A T I O N : 1200-1650m

C E R T I F I C A T I O N S : Direct Trade

H A R V E S T : Dec-Feb

N O T E S : Chocolate and caramel, full acidity and a balanced body

I D E A L  R O A S T : Medium and dark-medium roasts

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