Finca el Misterio


Finca El Misterio is located in the central Honduran municipality El Playon, Comayagua.  It is relatively one of the newest coffee farms in the area being one of the few in Honduras to produce Typica, Pacamara, and Yellow Catuai.  This farm was the winner of a local Taste of Harvest competition this past April.  The high altitude of this farm, help slow the growth of the cherry which is a contributing factor to high-density specialty coffee beans. Also, surrounded by volcanic rocks that make a fertile soil for yellow catuai coffee trees thrive.

O R I G I N : El Playon, Comayagua, Honduras

P R O D U C E R : Oswald Sorto

V A R I E T Y : Yellow Catuai

P R O C E S S : Washed

E L E V A T I O N : 1700M

C E R T I F I C A T I O N S : Direct trade

H A R V E S T : December-April

N O T E S : Citrus, cocoa, and nuts with bright acidity

I D E A L R O A S T : Medium and full city roasts

Nelson Amador