Finca San Isidro


In 1975, Señor Adan Duke began growing Arabica coffee at Finca San Isidro, a picturesque farm located in the lush mountains in the south of Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Thanks to the kindness of the tropics, San Isidro is settled in an excellent high-altitude climate, containing blessed soil conditions. Together with the love and care of the Duke family, the plantation has allowed them to grow premium, eco-friendly coffee. The flavor, richness, and aroma of their coffee is unmatched. In addition to their coffee trees, Finca San Isidro is home to more than 180 plants and wildlife species including orchids, toucans, hummingbirds, butterflies and many others.

O R I G I N : Copan Ruinas, Honduras

P R O D U C E R : Katia Duke

V A R I E T Y : Red Catuai, Obata

P R O C E S S : Washed, Honey, and Natural

E L E V A T I O N : 1250m

C E R T I F I C A T I O N S : Direct trade

H A R V E S T : November-February

N O T E S : Citrus orange with a white chocolate finish and balanced body

I D E A L  R O A S T : medium and medium dark, single espresso