Colopeca Family Organic

In the early 1900’s, two brothers set out to start growing coffee in the highlands of Comayagua, Honduras. After five generations, the Rodriguez brothers family tradition lives on through the 19 decedents who continue producing coffee. Each member of the family owns and operates their own coffee farm.

The Ventura family started cultivating coffee in the mountains of San Marcos, Ocotepeque approximately sixty years ago. Don Israel Ventura was one of the first coffee producers in the area. He motivated members of the community to start producing coffee and helped producers commercialize their coffee. In 2000, Don Israel's oldest son, Lurvin Ventura, established a dry mill and processing plant where now both the Rodriguez and Ventura families process and export their coffees.

This joint venture has created the opportunity to provide diverse coffee offerings to satisfy a larger customer demand while also fulfilling the vision to create a consistent blend that distinguishes the flavor profile of each region. 

O R I G I N : San Marcos, Ocotepeque, and Comayagua, Honduras

P R O D U C E R : Rodriquez, Velasquez, and Ventura Family

V A R I E T Y : Lempira, Red Catuai, and Bourbon

P R O C E S S : Washed, sun-dried

E L E V A T I O N : 1250-1700m

C E R T I F I C A T I O N S : Direct Trade, Organic, Rainforest, and UTZ

H A R V E S T : Dec-Feb

N O T E S :

I D E A L  R O A S T :

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