Inspiring culture through connections, commitment, and the rich history of coffee

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De La Finca Coffee Importers was established in 2013 and stems from a family farm in the heartland of Comayagua, Honduras—Finca Santa Lucia. 

Since then, we have established partnerships with coffee farmers in other regions of Honduras. Including Marcala, Copan Ruinas, San Marcos, and Lempira. In 2018, we expanded our sourcing partnerships to offer different origins including Rwanda, Guatemala, and future partnerships in Colombia and Ecuador later in the year, subsidizing our vision for growth. We proudly import through fair trade and farm organically, and also partner with women-owned and operated farms. We are invested in improving the lives of coffee farming communities by giving back to local schools in the regions of our farms.

De La Finca Coffee Importers is committed to connecting coffee producers with buyers who value the humble origins of the coffee culture. Our promise will guarantee consistent quality in every bag. Warrantying our customers better prices, and maximizing farmer’s profits, results in a better quality of life for everyone. 




“When I came to the United States to learn English, I was surprised to see how coffee produced by families like mine served as a main point of connection and conversation in the daily lives of so many Americans.” Nelson Raul Amador, Founder

Upon quickly realizing coffee in the U.S. was sold at high prices through a complex import system leaving farmers with little profit, Nelson decided to initiate change. He started De La Finca Coffee Importers with the goal to eliminate the middlemen between producers and consumers.

“Instead of seeing coffee pass through as many as 6-8 hands between farmers and consumers (as is usual in the coffee industry), I make genuine, direct connections between coffee roasters, consumers, and coffee producers, like my family.”

In his free time, Nelson loves to travel and scuba dive, but his favorite hobby is cupping coffee. He loves a fresh medium roast coffee in the morning as well as a cup in the afternoon to settle his long days of work.

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